Chipfumo unveils Progress Check

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THE wait is over!

Progress Chipfumo’s much-awaited album, “Progress Check” will be unveiled to scores of fun lovers at Club Mandisa in Mutare for the first time after its official release in Harare on Wednesday.

The album carries 10 tracks including yesteryear hit, ‘‘Dai Ndaizviziva’’, which was this time flavoured with more instruments and finesse. Other tracks on the album are ‘‘Vakarohwa Mai’’, ‘‘Tokwe Mukosi’’, ‘‘Look Up The Sky’’, ‘‘I say Yes’’, ‘‘Siyai Vakure’’, ‘‘Rega Zvipore’’, ‘‘Look Up The Sky (remix)’’, ‘‘Vabereki’’ and ‘‘Chikuru Rudo’’.

Look Up The Sky was released as a single earlier on and it is already in the public domain.  The song, ‘‘Chikuru Rudo’’ is a potential hit. It will remind many of Leonard Zhakata’s chartbuster and award-winning plug track, “Madam Boss” which features Chipfumo and heir to the dendera throne, Sulumani Chimbetu.

It was, however, presented in a unique and special way. The instruments were superbly interwoven with powerful lyrics. The song encourages people to love each other despite social differences.

The album was co-produced at Monolio Studios and Macelo Productions. “We took our time to come up with this album. We are confident that our fans will love it. We are coming with the project to Mutare for the first time and we will perform all songs live. I express my feelings through music and Progress Check is a package that is impregnated with my thoughts and feelings. We will also take the opportunity to sell the CDs,” he said.

Chipfumo had starved his fans of new music after having released an above average album, Hold My Hand in 2014.

Although the talented-yet underrated singer has been inconsistent in releasing albums, he has been one of the finest musicians since weaning himself from Hohodza Band in the 1990s.

His previous projects include, ‘‘Let Them Know’’, Progress Report and ‘‘Ndinovatenda Nei’’. Some of his danceable tunes include ‘‘Mai Makanaka’’, ‘‘Garwe’’, ‘‘Kuraper Mwana’’ and ‘‘Ngwena’’.

He will be supported by resident dance group Mandisa Queens and pole dancers from Harare.