Chipanga is back!

Hosiah Chipanga
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Outspoken musician, Hosiah Chipanga feels he is back in the fold after an excruciating sabbatical from the music scene that saw him and his music being sidelined by radio stations and promoters who accused his lyrics of carrying political innuendos. 

Thanks to the new political dispensation, his music can now be played on several radio stations with several local promoters expressing interest in hosting the ‘‘Kwachu-Kwachu’’ hit-maker.

The award-winning and gifted wordsmith whose lyrical ingenuity is undoubted, recalled the day he was accused by the ousted Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Mandi Chimene for being a traitor especially after the release of the album Gamba two years ago. In an interview, the social commentator said he felt relieved.

“I feel satisfied. I had become an outcast. I was treated like a useless person. I however, knew that my time would come. I did not lose hope. I have already commenced staging live shows.

“My songs were a warning, I would never offend anyone (through my lyrics) but the then leadership thought I was insulting them. My music is supportive of events,” he said.

He said he already forgave promoters (names withheld) who shunned him and openly described him as a lunatic.

“I however forgive them. They were giving excuses. Some of them openly told me that they would be labelled traitors if they associated with me,” he added.

He said even his congregants were now afraid to attend his church (Messiah Apostolic Prophetically Inspired Institution).

“Public gatherings were difficult. I was handicapped home and away but I can now do all these things.”

Chipanga is now working on a new album that will be released sometime this year. Last year, he released a four-track album titled ‘‘Gumiremitemo’’, which was recorded and produced at Big Jockar Records. The album carries the song ‘‘Chipanga Chiparure’’ which was originally carried on the album with same title in 1995.

He commenced live shows on Christmas Day when he performed before a crowd capacity at Mupedzanyota Business Centre. He later curtained down the year 2017 with a performance at Makadzange Farm in Zimunya. He will perform at Club Mandisa in February.