Cardi B would love to team up with Rihanna on a song, but she wants it to be ‘perfect’

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Rapper Cardi B wants to present Rihanna with a “perfect record” before asking her to collaborate with her.

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker admits she “sounds stupid” trying to make music that sounds like the ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker, but she isn’t going to let it stop her coming up with a song that could work as a duet for the pair.

Speaking on the ‘Million Dollaz Worth Of Game’ podcast, she said: “I love Rihanna’s music.

“But, I don’t [make] music like that. I sound kinda stupid trying to sing like that. I sound stupid trying to make music like that.”

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She added: “So, if I ever get that perfect record … I can not wait until I feel like, ‘This song…I know she’s going to like it.’

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“I don’t want to send her nothing like, ‘What is this? Take this thing out of my face’.”

Cardi has already released duets with Megan Thee Stallion, Latto, GloRilla, Flo Milli, and many more.

However, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker previously admitted she is “too shy” to ask male artists to collaborate with her.

The hip-hop star – who has appeared on songs with the likes of Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 – has admitted she doesn’t have the nerve to ask some of her favourite male counterparts to jump on a track with her because she gets “starstruck” easily and fears she will sound “corny”.

Speaking to Billboard in 2020, she admitted: “The thing is, I’m shy — and really shy to reach out to male artists, to be honest with you.

“That’s why a lot of collabs that I want, I haven’t gotten yet because I’m scared to reach out. I always get a little starstruck. I be thinking I’m corny, even though I’m funny.”

Source: ShowBiz