Cal_Vin to launch album in UK

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Bulawayo rapper Cal_Vin is set to break new ground by launching his album in the United Kingdom where he’s also set to take his Made in Bulawayo concert idea in December.

After hosting two relatively successful Made in Bulawayo concerts in his hometown, the rapper is now exporting the idea to the United Kingdom, where he has partnered with promoters that want to bring the city’s style and music to Bulawayo citizens now resident in that country.

In its first two editions, the concert has managed to bring the city’s hip-hop artistes and fans together for a unique experience in a city that is starved of live shows featuring the city wordsmiths.

The rapper now wants to take the same spirit of unity to the United Kingdom. Cal_Vin will make his UK debut at Club Prisma in Birmingham on 16 December.

He will also launch his album, The Revenge of the Vin, on the same day.

“Initially I’d been in talks with guys from Canada who also wanted to make the Made in Bulawayo Concert an annual event in that country but the guys from the United Kingdom worked faster. Basically 80 percent of the work towards making the concert a reality can be attributed to them,” the rapper said.

Cal_Vin said the idea for the concert came after the realisation that while Harare artistes were regular visitors to the UK, the same could not be said for their Bulawayo counterparts. Thus, people who moved from Bulawayo to the UK were starved of the music that reminded them of home.

“Whenever people like Killer T or Jah Prayzah visit the UK, people that moved from Harare get a taste of home.

That’s not the same for people who moved from Bulawayo because you hardly ever hear anyone visiting from here,” he said.

Cal_Vin said he had decided to launch his album during his visit to that country as it would help spread his name.

“I’m actually going there five days before the concert and launch because we’ve got interviews with community radio stations planned. I’m doing that because I don’t want it to feel like I just came for the concert and then left,” he said. – B-Metro