Bob Marley stirs it up in China

Chinese reggae band Long Shen Dao performs a tribute concert at an anniversary event held for Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley in Beijing, on Saturday. (Photo: Universal Music China)
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A tribute concert commemorating Bob Marley’s 75th birthday anniversary was held in China on Saturday, according to

The event was the collaborative effort of the Marley family, Island Records, UME, and Primary Wave Music Publishing.

“Bob Marley is unique in that he not only made his mark with his significant musical accomplishments but also communicated to his fans worldwide, bringing together people of all ages, cultures and races with his message.

He exerted a tremendous influence on the style and substance of music and culture,” said Bruce Resnikoff, president and CEO of UME, Universal Music Group’s global catalogue company.

The occasion also saw Chinese reggae band, Long Shen Dao in performance.

Rock musicians, including Xie Tianxiao, Jiang Liang, Guo Jian, and Zang Hongfei shared how Marley’s music had influenced them.

“He’s a legend,” Guo Jian said, “People like him will inspire you. No matter where you live, what skin colour you have or what race you are, you can influence the world if you have talent. People can still hear your voice.”

Zang Hongfei agreed, “Bob Marley was the first global icon and superstar from a developing country. He has been inspiring musicians in China and in the less developed countries.”