Both Wayne and a young Nicki appeared on “The Come Up” mixtape DVD and while Nicki was doing her chores, she had Wayne’s song from the DVD on loop. “I always say I conjured him up because after a couple of hours of that playing non-stop, (ex-manager) Fendi called me and Wayne was on the line,” Nicki told Flex.

Safaree didn’t start out as a rapper

In the past, Safaree intimated that Nicki did not write her own rhymes and that he had helped her with her lyrics. In the Flex interview, Nicki called a rapper from a group she and Safree wherein as youngsters and he admitted that Safaree’s role in the group was hype man. They also alleged that he was not originally a rapper and eventually started biting other people’s raps.

Nicki is really mad at Safaree

OK, so this is one is pretty much the same as the previous point but… this is a reflection of how much Nicki talks about Safaree throughout the interview. “He asked me to take him with me to Atlanta….How dare you bite the hand that feeds you,” Nicki asked Flex. She also said: “You would not have had this opportunity had I not pushed my pen.”

Watch the interview below.