Zimbabweans with A level able migrat to UK under new points-system

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The UK government has announced a new points-based immigration system that is due to come into effect 1 January 2021.

The new system will significantly impact the Tier 2 visa scheme and what it means for Zimbabweans looking to live and work in the UK, says immigration consultants.

“Under the current Tier 2 visa scheme, skilled workers are required to have a degree and earn £30,000. The Home Office says that this new system will provide greater flexibility and ensure UK businesses have access to a wider pool of highly skilled workers.

“The new system is inspired by Australia’s points-based immigration system that assigns points for certain skills, qualifications, salaries or professions. It’s aimed to attract individuals with the highest skills from across the globe.”

The overall skills threshold will be reduced to only require A levels in the UK or a matriculation certificate from countries such as South Africa.

The minimum salary threshold will also be reduced to £25,600 (from £30,000) per annum.

How many points?

Skilled migrants from across the globe will require 70 points to be eligible to apply to enter and work in the UK.

In addition to meeting the necessary points you must also:

Have a job offer;
Be offered a salary of £25,600 a year or more;
Be able to speak English;
Have an A level qualification or equivalent.

“Some characteristics can be swapped out, meaning if you cannot meet one of the criteria but meet another, you may still qualify,” Sable said.

“For example, a university researcher in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) who earns £22,000 (below the minimum salary threshold), may still enter the UK if they have a relevant PhD in a STEM subject.”

Here’s an overview of how the points will be allocated:

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