Watch: Zimbabwean Boy Terrorised By A Thug At School In The UK. Terrorist Arrested Following Viral Videos

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Two videos of a bullying attack on a boy identified as Zimbabwean in the UK has gone viral on social media. The bullying incident itself is said to have happened this week, in a place called Carlisle, Cumbria in the UK.

In the two videos that were posted on Twitter, a white boy rushes to the Zimbabwean boy and punches him several times, pushes him, and then asks him “Get on your knees and kiss my shoes”.

The visibly frightened victim gives in.

As the incident happens it seems there are several onlookers commenting and some of them laughing. It is not clear who recorded the video. The bully was not in school uniform so it is also unclear if he is a student at the same school as the Zimbabwean boy.

One source has told Pindula that he’s familiar with people known to the boy and that they are Zimbabwean. He also said that people close to the situation have suggested that the boy has always been bullied at school because of his visibly strong Zimbabwean accent.

Arrest of the bully

The bully has apparently since been arrested, and police have asked for people to stop circulating the video. Said Cumbria Police in a post on Facebook:

We can confirm officers have arrested a teenage boy in relation to a report of a hate incident involving a boy being assaulted in Carlisle.
Officers are aware of images relating to this incident being circulated online and concerns in the community over the incident.
As an arrest has been made we would urge people not to share the video further so as not to impede any legal proceedings or to identify any of the children involved.

Any witnesses or anyone with information can contact police on 101.
Racism or just Bullying?
As the video circulated, there have been arguments on social media with some claiming it’s just regular bullying, while others said it’s a race issue.

The bully is a white boy. The Zimbabwean victim is an African.

The Twitter user who posted the videos, Olumo of Derby, commented:

“Racism in the UK is getting worse everyday. A black child was racially abused and beaten up today at St John Henry Newman Catholic School in Carlisle. Are black people not safe in Carlisle?”

Another user commented:

Was this racially motivated or was it just a horrible bully picking on a class mate? I see many videos of black kids beating up white kids, I never immediately jump to racism.

And another who claims to live in Carlisle posted:

I live in Carlisle and have done my whole life. I one hundred percent believe that this is racist. Carlisle is stuck in the 70s with regards to race, gender equality and so on. I feel awful for this boy. But almost worse for the bully because his parents are poisoning him.

There has been increased migration of Zimbabweans to the UK since the 2000, with many seeking greener pastures. Zimbabwe has seen at least 2 prolonged periods of hyperinflation and is currently in the middle of one. Professionals in the health sector have migrated the most in recent years especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. – Pindula