Zimbabwean academic regrets leaving London for Zimbabwe

Charlton Tsodzo
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Pan-African Development Strategist and the University of London Law graduate Dr. Charlton Tsodzo says he regrets coming back into the country because of the environment that Zimbabwe is in.

Replying to one of his Facebook follows who had asked what criteria God uses in choosing which country one would be born in, Tsodzo said, “One of the first questions you asked me dude was why I returned to this country a few years back….lately been asking myself more and more also…I can’t handle living in such space anymore, to be honest.”

Tsodzo had posted the main Facebook post commenting on the MDC officials who were abducted by state agents on Wednesday.

Said Tsodzo, “The thing about abductions and enforced disappearances is that it’s a matter of time before they come for you and me….it’s a matter of time really…I despair being a Zimbabwean to be honest…there are times it becomes totally tiring…and some even have the testicles to say these are faked…who does this to their own selves?

There is something mystical and spiritual about blood spilt into the ground that perpetrators do not know….the country wants international re-engagement in the midst of this?

Pariah we are, pariah we shall ever be….vadzimu vakafongorera nyika yeZimbabwe kare kare…robonga.”

Source – Byo24