Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo’s daughter graduates

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“Thank you God for all these blessings and favouring my family,” said Mukanya in a telephone interview.“Congratulations to Zimbabwe because it is said it takes the whole village to bring up a child and every child is for us all.

Minister Fortune Chasi Offers Homeless Mapfumo A Place To Stay Until MondayUS based Chimurenga guru Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo’s daughter Matinyanya who was studying Medicine will be graduating in Atlanta on Sunday. Speaking to H-Metro from his Oregon family home, Mukanya could not hide his elation after his daughter made them proud.

“It makes everyone happy to see their children prospering like this because their prosperity is ours too. “So I personally beg all parents and guardians to care and educate them up to the end. “To all pupils and students, discipline is important because education is for your own good for life,” he said.

Mukanya urged students to abstain from s.e.xual activities and concentrate on their studies. “Fun is endless but mind your health and always remember that there is death,” he said. On life after his daughter Matinyanya’s graduations, Mukanya said he was wishing her to start a family.

The Blacks Unlimited Spirits founder urged Matinyanya to support and respect her husband when she gets married. Mukanya said his daughter who came to America aged two years had difficulties in speaking English but has excelled.

He said his daughter would learn English at a neighbour’s place. He also said Matinyanyanya had problems in adjusting to the new diet. Mukanya’s wife Vena was equally excited by Matinyanya’s achievements saying they owe it to God.Matinyanya Mapfumo

“Only God knows where we came from, where we are at present, where we must be, what our rewards are and what our answers are to only Him.

“As Dr Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo’s family, we owe God a lot for what he has done for us as a family, for what He is still doing for us, imagine my other child will be graduating on 29 May this 2019.

“I have run short of words to praise God, please help me I am over excited, your child’s single step brings a shade on you, I personally do not like a public life, ndinonyara zvekuti, ndezvana Mukanya izvi,” she said.

Venna urged guardians and parents to take good care of their children by education them despite challenges.

“I wish my all graduating students the best and wish the best to all pupils and students studying globally and those in Zimbabwe, to all mothers, let care and educate our children at all challenges, let us be like born brave hens which feeds after weaning its chicks for months,” added Vena.