St Michael High school headmaster caught in corruption storm

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PARENTS of children learning at St Michael’s High School in Mhondoro have accused the school head of corruption after he ordered parents to pay for fees in foreign currency without following due processes.

The parents allege that in June, the headmaster, Emmanuel Zvirevo, ordered parents to pay money amounting to US$50 dollars and the money was paid in cash straight to the school, giving room to abuse of the money.

As parents, we are saddened to hear that the head dispatched a team to collect US-dollar fee payments at Jubilee Hall than just directing parents to pay through our banking system. Does he not trust our banks? Was that money not used to fuel the parallel market?” said another parent who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The parents claim that there was a possibility of abuse of funds by the headmaster since the money was paid in cash and not through the banks as is the system.

Our main concern is that we want our grievances addressed and want the ministry to advise us if the headmaster’s decision to collect US$50 at Jubilee Hall was procedural,” he added.

The parents said the headmaster had continued to demand money from parents under unclear circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are surprised that St Michael’s is the only school out of other missionary schools which needs cautioning from parents reeling under the COVID-19 lockdown, whereas the school has other projects which can sustain it,” another parent told Zim Morning Post.

The parents claim they were made to pay second term fees and the school has not clarified on what will happen since the students did not conduct lessons for the second term.

Some of us are still waiting for clarification on the fees we paid in June for the second term. How is that going to be treated, given that we paid it when it still had more value?” he asked.

The parents also accused Zvirevo of converting school property to personal use, after he removed the school logo on a school-issued car.

The head is using the school truck on personal errands and has since removed the school logo. Several times we spot it in Chinhoi town, and during school holidays the truck crosses the border to Zambia without clear reasons,” he added.

Reached for comment, the school head said he would not say anything on the issue, referring questions to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

I am sorry, but as you may be aware of, I am not allowed to discuss school issues with members of the Press,” Zvirevo said.

“I kindly refer you to the District Schools Inspector for Mhondoro Ngezi or the secretary for education in the Archdiocese of Harare,” he added. – Zim Morning Post