‘Over 3 000 African Students Are Safe And Sound’, China Rejects Discrimination Reports

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The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe has said the Chinese government protects everyone equally, claiming that over 3 000 African students are safe in Hubei.

The Chinese Embassy indicated on its Twitter handle that:

The virus attacks us all, but China protects everyone equally. More than 3,000 African students in Hubei, only one infected but was quickly cured.

The rest are all safe and sound. Is this the result of so-called racial discrimination?

The statement comes after reports all over the world indicated that African students in China are being discriminated against by Chinese nationals because of the colour of their skin.

Several African governments, among them Nigeria, have summoned Chinese ambassadors to strongly protest the discrimination.

Chinese officials have steadfastly denied that there is racism in Hubei and Guangzhou, insisting there were a few misunderstandings involving some African nationals who were staying in the country illegally.

However, pictures on social media show that some Chinese nationals are not comfortable being in close proximity to African people.

A disturbing picture that has since gone viral on social media sites shows an African man on a seat in a train by himself while Chinese nationals choose to stand rather than sit close to him. – Pindula