Mugabe dark horse successor Dr Tizora hands over $55 000 admin block

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ZVIMBA – Dr Innocent Dzapasi Tizora, the Principal Director (State Residences) brought joy to his rural community on Thursday when he handed over a state of the art $55 000 administration block built at Kawondera Primary School under Chief Chirau in Zvimba.
Mugabe is said to have deserted his former close ally, once touted as his successor, and he is now promoting the presidential ambitions of a surprise candidate – Dr. Dzepasi Innocent Tizora, who is, the director of State House
The block which has piped water and flush toilet system was commissioned at a Prize Giving Day Function held at the school which is near Mubayira Growth Point. Zvimba District Schools’ Inspector Andrew Matsikiti described the admin block as the first of its kind for any primary school in the district.
Speaking during the handover ceremony, Dr Tizora who is a former student at Kawondera said rural schools throughout the country were facing serious problems including critical shortage of accommodation, classrooms and dilapidated buildings; most of them built almost 100 years ago. He said it was the obligation of every former student to support development at their schools and in communities.
Dr Tizora’s late father AndrewMuroiwa Tizora .also taught at the school.
“Some people only get to their rural homes to attend funerals and they return to the cities the same day. At those funerals they talk a lot about their former schools, teachers and classmates but they don’t bother finding out about the state of those schools. I ask parents to appeal to your children to come and help their former schools,” said Tizora.
He however, said that he was aware of some sitting MPs and councillors who stifled development by stopping other people from making donations in their constituencies.
“There are MPs who think that if one makes a donation to a community, one wants to become an MP. Go and tell those with this fear that this is not true. There are many other things to do in life other than being an MP. If I want to come into politics, I will come directly. What’s the problem with that?
“MPs and councillors should therefore not stop other people from helping their communities,” said Dr Tizora.
Dr Tizora who is a devout Catholic also built a new grotto at the school after the old one build by Catholics over 50years ago collapsed.
The construction of the block was done through the mobilisation of resources from many people and those who got special mention were Tuarai Mundoza, Hanan Chitate , Tendai Chinhamora, Lovemore Mufamba, the deputy head who is also a former student Audin Taderera. Parents contributed in the construction of the block by way of ferrying water, cooking for the builders and ferrying bricks.
Deputy head Tederera contributed 3 000 bricks.
Also present at the function was Andrew Tizora the District Administrator for Zvimba, Chief Chirau and Tarisai Mavetera who is an educationist based in Harare.
Davison Sharara the school head thanked Dr Tizora for the block which he said had many advantages. Kawondera which has an enrolment of 750 pupils was started by the Catholic Church in 1935 and most of the buildings were that old, he said.
Matsikiti said the admin block had many advantages including that it will bring teachers together in the staffroom and they will have opportunities to discuss and share ideas.
He said the Ministry now has standard building plans for classroom blocks and houses for teachers and urged those School Development Associations to get architectural plans from the Ministry. He condemned plans for teacher’s houses found in most schools today as too old.

“Mugabe always surprises everyone in the party. Of late he has been avoiding Mnangagwa and suddenly talking positively of the man running his presidential palace, Tizora, whom he calls the special one,” said the source on condition of anonymity.

“Mugabe has chosen Tizora as the man to succeed him and do not be shocked if he hand-picks him as his deputy. Of late they are spending a lot of time together. This is shocking considering that we all believed that Mnangagwa was sailing smoothly to state house, but we were wrong. In a meeting held recently at state house Mugabe said he was aware that Mnangagwa was using his wife Grace to out-smart his rivals. He unveiled Tizora as his chosen candidate, saying he had been grooming him all these years.”

Another source confirmed this, saying “He is the most trusted and runs everything for the president. Some of us have known this for years, but the president had to wait to create a situation where both Mujuru and Mnangagwa were discredited for fanning factionalism and dividing the party. Tizora is a good administrator, but I wonder if he will be received by masses. His track record is very good considering he has never been implicated in any scandals, but he is a very strict man,” added another source who is a presidential secretary.

A close Mnangagwa ally also confirmed the development and blamed Jonathan Moyo, Oppah Muchinguri and Saviour Kasukuwere for turning the president against his trusted lieutenants.

Relations between Mnangagwa, Muchinguri and Moyo are reported to have deteriorated so badly that the three are not even speaking to each other.

Political analyst Masimba Dube believes Mugabe and his trusted lieutenants are under immense attack from Moyo. “Moyo has managed to destroy Mugabe. This was his idea all along to avenge himself after the old man dismissed him from the party after the Tsholotsho saga. Mugabe is now isolated and can be removed by an independent presidential candidate. Moyo knew that Mugabe loved power and would do anything to hold on, so he set him up against his own trusted people and as a result his party is being destroyed with no solution. Nobody trusts anyone,” he said.