Government Ensures Smooth Start to Second School Term

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HARARE – Ahead of the reopening of schools for the second term, the government has taken significant steps to facilitate smooth operations, ensuring parents can pay fees in their preferred currency and guaranteeing the safety of children during their commute.

Authorities have confirmed that all necessary arrangements are in place for the commencement of classes and for the upcoming June examinations. Notably, schools have been directed to accept payment in ZiG (Zimbabwean Dollar) alongside other currencies. To enforce compliance, police presence will be heightened nationwide, aimed at safeguarding learners and preventing road accidents.

The weekend preceding the school term saw a flurry of activity as parents and guardians rushed to complete last-minute preparations, including fee payments and purchasing school supplies. Businesses catering to educational needs, such as bookshops and uniform merchants, reported increased activity, particularly in Harare.

Mr. Moses Mhike, the Permanent Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education, expressed confidence in the readiness of all schools for the new term. He reassured that preparations for the June exams administered by Zimsec are also on track.

However, concerns have arisen regarding some private schools’ reluctance to accept ZiG payments. Mr. Mhike, in an interview, warned against this, emphasizing the legal status of ZiG as part of the acceptable currency basket. He underscored the necessity for schools to comply with Reserve Bank regulations, stressing that disciplinary measures would be taken against those who defy directives.

Parents echoed these sentiments, urging the government to ensure universal acceptance of ZiG payments by schools. Mr. Thomas Dande and Mrs. Kudzai Chigubu, among others, highlighted the importance of timely preparations for the term. Mr. Joseph Mutungura emphasized the need for police intervention to enforce payment modalities.

In response, law enforcement agencies, in collaboration with stakeholders such as the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, will intensify efforts to promote road safety through awareness campaigns and increased presence on major routes.

As schools prepare to welcome students for the second term, the government’s efforts to streamline payment processes and enhance safety measures reflect a commitment to facilitating an optimal learning environment for Zimbabwean children.