Govt dismisses polytechs, school closures

Paul Mavima (Image: Newzimbabwe)
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THE Ministry of Skills Audit and Development has dismissed as misleading and malicious an article published by an online publication that schools and polytechnics that do not have adequate infrastructure to meet the standards of Vision 2030 face imminent closure.

Government policy is rather to upgrade facilities at all polytechnics and schools.

In a statement yesterday, the ministry said it had become apparent that the media outlet was making efforts to cause alarm and despondency in the country.

“This ministry wishes to clarify matters raised in a story published by an online tabloid on the first of March 2024, titled ‘Zim schools, polytechnics, face imminent closure: Govt’.

“The story claims that the Minister of Skills Audit and Development, Professor Paul Mavima, said polytechnics and schools that do not possess adequate infrastructure and skills to contribute towards Vision 2030 will be closed.

“This is not only false but malicious. The mischievous intention of both authors and publishers is glaring clear that they are trying to cause alarm and despondency.

“The Minister’s statement in relation to the future of Zimbabwean schools and polytechnics was taken out of context and misrepresented in the said article,” read the statement.

Minister Mavima remained committed to ensuring the success of all learning institutions in the country while also urging the media fraternity to do their due diligence before publishing falsehoods.

“Hon Minister Professor Paul Mavima did discuss the need for schools and polytechnics to be adequately resourced and skilled to contribute towards Vision 2030, but at no point did he suggest that these institutions faced imminent closure. The Minister is fully committed to supporting and enhancing the education and skills development sector in Zimbabwe.

“We urge journalists to be cautious of misinformation and to verify information before spreading false narratives.

“The Ministry of Skills Audit and Development remains dedicated to ensuring the success and sustainability of all educational institutions in the country in collaboration with sister ministries in a whole of Government approach,” read the statement.

Source: Herald