Boozed out!…Panic after Grade Threes drink ‘hot stuff’ at school

Magwegwe Primary school
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ALCOHOL is strictly not to be taken by persons under the age of 18!

Imagine an eight-year-old child in Grade Three bringing a bottle of whiskey and “sharing” with peers during break time?

That happened at Magwegwe Primary School and the result was eight highly intoxicated pupils failing to control themselves and school authorities having a torrid time reining them in.

So bad was the situation that one of the children had to be admitted to a local hospital after excessive vomiting.

Luckily authorities swiftly realised that the boys had drunk “hot stuff” and phoned their parents to come and fetch them.

One of the boys’ parents acted swiftly after hearing news that her child was acting strange at the school yard.

“I rushed to the school after being told that my son was vomiting. When I got there I discovered that they drank some alcoholic stuff which had been brought by one pupil.

“They claim that their friend told them it was juice and he had been given by a certain guy whom he met on his way to school.

“After drinking one went to the toilet and fell, that is where he was found lying. The other ones could not write and were behaving funny in class which made their teacher inform school authorities.

“The boys were smelling of alcohol and my son was vomiting. We ferried him to hospital where he was treated.”

The other parent said they were grateful that the substance was not poisonous because something terrible could have happened.

It is reported that the boys now fear going to school as others have turned them into a laughing stock.

It is reported that nothing was done to them as they took the alcohol unknowingly.

Efforts to get a comment from Bulawayo Provincial Education Director Olicah Kaira were fruitless.