Kwese TV Risks Being Pulled Out Of Zimbabwe As Econet Cuts Ties With Dr Dish

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Kwese TV risks being pulled out of Zimbabwe after Econet Media reportedly activated its “contractual termination clause” with Dr Dish, the licence holder whom they were running their Kwese TV services in the country.

The Herald reports that Econet Media wrote to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) on November 10 with High Court record HC9182 /17 indicating that they had severed ties with Dr Dish. When contacted for comment by the publication, Econet Media consultant Mr Zachary Wazara said there was no risk of the service to our customers being interrupted now or in the future as Kwese operations have the authority of government.

However, The Herald reports that Kwese TV is operating on a permit and not a licence as provided for in the BAZ Act which could present complications for them. Dr Dish’s Nyasha Muzavazi said they are currently studying the letter to BAZ and will be guided by their advisors on the way forward.

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