“George Charamba should honour his vow to not continue after Mugabe and retire”: Mawarire

George Charamba
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HARARE – Former National People’s Party (NPP) spokesperson and journalist, Jealousy Mawarire has called on Presidential Spokesperson and Information, Media and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary George Charamba to step down.

Mawarire makes reference to a 2014 article in The Herald, where Charamba says that he will not continue in his Government role after former President Robert Mugabe retires. In the article Charamba said:

My real wish is not to be a day longer in Government after the President’s retirement because whoever comes must be able to select their own team.

Mugabe retired on 21 November 2017 but George Charamba continued in his role as Presidential Spokesperson. Charamba was also selected by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be the permanent secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services.

I expect Cde George Charamba,if he is an honourable man, to turn down his latest appointment as Perm Sec by Pres ED & stand by his vow “not to be a day longer in govt after the President’s (Mugabe) retirement”. Zimbabwe needs honest leaders not charlatans,turncoats& flip floppers