Prof. Mthuli Ncube Cuts Toll Fees Increases

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Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has adjusted the proposal to hike toll fees that he announced in the 2024 national budget after legislators argued the proposed fees were exorbitant.

In the 2024 national budget, Ncube proposed to hike toll fees for light motor vehicles from US$2 to US$5 and US$4 for premium roads and other roads, respectively.

Premium roads include the Harare-Beitbridge highway and the Plumtree-Mutare road.

Ncube proposed to increase toll fees for minibuses from US$3 to US$8 and US$6 for premium roads and other roads, respectively.

The other proposed toll fees were as follows: buses, from US$4 to US$10 and US$8; heavy vehicles, from US$5 to US$15 and US$10; and haulage trucks from US$10 to US$ 25 and US$20 for premium roads and other roads, respectively.

Ncube has since reviewed the proposed fees after pressure from Members of Parliament. He said:

We are proposing that rather than increasing the basic toll fee by 100%, I am now proposing that we increase it only by 50%. We have lowered the increase.

The same applies to the premium roads, again I am not proposing the full amount but only half of that. So, we have lowered these toll fee increases.

I also listened to a comment that perhaps tollgates that are closer to the city should have lower toll fees than elsewhere.

We will look into this. It sounds like a noble proposal because some of the people who live out at the edge of the city or those who work in the city if they are having to pay high toll fees, we do not want that.

We want it to be fair and reflect the fact that the work here we do not want to overly penalise those individuals.

On registration fees from Number Plates, thank you for these proposals. This is under review and we will review it and see what we can do.

For some of these proposals and suggestions from colleagues, we proceed by way of regulations, Statutory Instruments and things like that.

It does not necessarily have to come into a Bill although we may need to confirm by Parliament but it does not necessarily have to come through a Bill in the first place.

In 2021, a Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development official said the state of roads and bridges around the country was dire and in urgent need of reconstruction.

Motorists have expressed anger over the state of the roads given that they have been paying toll fees over the years.

The Government has been accused of misusing funds raised from tollgates through ZINARA which has resulted in the deterioration of the road network at a time when road users are being forced to part away with their hard-earned cash.

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