‘Mthuli is loud mouth with no connection with its brain’ – Biti

Tendai Biti and Mthuli Ncube
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Wednesday 5 June 2019 saw Honourable Tendai Biti, Zimbabwe’s former and without doubt most successful Finance Minister this Century, visit Chatham House in Westminster, London.

Honourable Tendai Biti was attending his book launch alongside co-authors former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr Greg Mills, Director of, The Brenthurst Foundation. They discussed among other things human rights and politics with civic society leaders from around the world in a closed private event. The book is called, “Democracy Works.”

Other invited attendees included MDC members Ebson Chigwedere and Tinashe Aliseni. Whilst the event was in full flow, MDC members and ZHRO activists made sure their voices were heard all over St James’ Square from the beginning of the event at 11am, until well after 1400hrs when the event ended and the authors walked out to greet all outside.

Shortly after the event an alleged ZANU-PF apologist and apparent Intellectual was asked for his thoughts by Thabo Makuyana, in regards to a statement by Vladimir Putin, the current President of the Russian Federation in which he said, “Africans believe in others more than themselves!” The basic reply was I don’t know, however the long reply was filled with seemingly inebriated, exuberant, verbosity by the apparent intellectual who tried to dodge the question.

Further direct and pointy questions were asked by among others Vuka Vuka Zimbabwe, which infuriated the man. The man ended up swearing at Vuka Vuka, who returned the favour in a gentlemanly manner. The man then put his hands on Vuka Vuka. Vuka responded and told the man not to touch Vuka, then shortly after this, the man scuttled away back into Chatham House. This was clear evidence that he was not used to being asked pointed and direct questions, that require straight answers.

Shortly after this, former President Obasanjo and Honourable Biti came out to cheers and applause from all attending. They signed their books and took photos.

Honourable Biti stayed for much longer, said a brief speech and then left for an brief interview. There was a chasm of difference in the pedigree and ability to answer questions directly when Honourable Biti was interviewed by Mr Simba Chikanza of Zimeye.com, compared to the way Mr Shire had answered.

When asked about the economy and Mtuli Ncube, Mr Biti said among other things, “Mthuli is a Loud mouth that doesn’t have a connection with its brain and the economy has found him out. This is about (1) realism, this is about (2) intelligence and this is about (3) honesty. These three things are lacking in Mtuli Ncube.”

Simba Chikanza then asked about the reports of the deployment of forces in the High Density areas in Zimbabwe which the military is apparently basing on what the MDC launched in January. Honourable Biti then responded by saying, “In January, there was a Stay Away launched by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. It is (ZANU-PF) paranoia that makes one find shadows, when shadows are not there, it is (ZANU-PF) paranoia that makes one still fight a war that ended 40 years ago.

Those that remained then started to sing “Ishe Komborerai Africa.” Shortly after that everyone left the successful event with high hopes for Zimbabwe and Africa.

Source – Thabo Makuyana