IMF team expected in Zimbabwe

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An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team is expected in Zimbabwe during the second half of the year to assess economic performance and re-engage Zimbabwe on macro-economic turnaround policies.

The Bretton Woods Institution which resumed technical assistance to Zimbabwe two years ago paving way for further talks on financial help is keen to mend ties with the government.

IMF resident representative Mr Christian Beddies confirmed to the State media a team from the Washington-based institution will be in Zimbabwe during the second half of this year for meetings with government, industry and the central bank.

“We are definitely coming to Zimbabwe during the second half so that we will be in a position to develop this economy,” said Mr Beddies.

Director for Transaction ad Infrastructure at Grant Thornton Mr Tonderayi Mukubvu says while technical assistance has set tone for renewed ties between Zimbabwe and the IMF, the need to solve challenges hindering private sector role in public investments is also important.

“We hope for the best but it is high time the private sector should also take part in this economy,” Mr Mukubvu said.

Zimbabwe’s economy is this year expected to register a five percent growth rate with the IMF noting that the agriculture and mining sectors will be the key drivers of recovery prospects.