Enforcement of the rule of law can boast our economic – Gandawa

Godfrey Gandawa
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Former Higher, Tertiary, Schence and Technology deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa has said the proper application of the rule of law in the country will boast the country’s economy through establishment of the multi billion dollar industries.

His remarks come at a time when the country’s economic free fall is blamed on bad policies that are viewed as gross violation of the rule of law and rights.

“Zimbabwe has it all. Gold, platinum, lithium, diamonds, gas, chrome and at least 50 other minerals are to be found in abundance. Establishing the rule of law, property rights and policy consistency will transform our mining sector into a multi-billion dollar industry,” Gandawa said.

“Beneficiation should not be compelled by force of law but through economic incentives. Where value should be added, it is the role of govt to legislatively engineer such economic incentives which include the right of first refusal for first-mover value addition operators.”

He said once feed supply is guaranteed, it will be fairly easy to persuade processors into the country, in the process creating jobs and additional value.

“This cannot be done when a govt changes policy every few months. Instability is our great challenge. While large scale mining projects are welcome, there is a need to promote small-scale mining which has the potential to give birth to a new generation of millionaires. Govt must work to empower and professionalise the industry,” he said.

Source – Byo24