Zimbabwean man who lost leg in UK car-crash hoping inquest provides answers

Mark Jordan
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A man who suffered severe injuries leading to him having his left leg amputated following a crash which claimed two lives is hoping the upcoming inquest into the incidents will provide answers.

Mark Jordaan, (26) originally from Zimbabwe now living in Wisbech, was a rear passenger in a car when it collided with an oncoming van on November 9 2017, on Black Drove, Murrow. The driver of the Vauxhall Astra, Jade Green, 24, and mother-of-three Kayleigh Harrison, 29, who was the front seat passenger, died as a consequence of the collision with the Ford Transit Van.

An inquest into the accident is listed to take place at Huntingdon Law Courts on 27 and 28 September. Mark, who has instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell’s Cambridge Office since the accident, suffered severe injuries in the accident and was airlifted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

He has since had to undergo a below the knee amputation on his left leg and now needs a wheelchair and significant care and assistance with all activities of daily living.

He is currently awaiting revision surgery to take his amputation above the knee. Mark, who worked as a labourer prior to his accident, said: “As a result of my injuries, I am unable to remember any details of the accident and I am hopeful that the inquest will provide answers for what happened on the night of the accident.”

Mark moved to the UK, with his family, in 2009. His father, also called Mark, died several years ago and his mother, Sharon, is based in New Zealand with Tyrone, Mark’s brother. Mark’s sister, Samantha currently lives with Mark.

In addition to his left leg injuries, in the crash Mark suffered a number of bad fractures to his right leg, which is now in an Illizarov frame. He also suffered various rib fractures, a fractured sternum, his aorta was stented, a fractured right wrist and various other more minor injuries including possible concussion/head injury and left ear deafness. Ruth

Booy, a Partner and the serious injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell representing Mark, said: “Mark suffered horrific injuries in this crash and this inquest is an opportunity for answers as to how he came to sustain them.

“We have been working with Mark since the start of the year and we have already succeeded in moving him to bungalow accommodation and he is now fully supported with a case manager and multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team consisting of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and psychologist.

“We will continue to work with Mark to ensure he receives the help he needs as he continues his long road to recovery.” – Source: Peterborough Today