The illegality of the illegal Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa
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The words of Hopwel Chingono in 2018 are true today as they were then. Hopwell wrote with all his brains in one place, when he was guarded by reason and common sense unfortunately Chingono now has packed his brains in Chamisa pocket and no longer sees straight. “THERE are two political discussions taking place concurrently around the MDC-T leadership spectacle that reached a crescendo with the passing of Morgan Tsvangirai.
by Dr Masimba Mavaza

One led by rationale and logical thinking hinged on constitutionalism and one led by sycophancy and a popularity contest that doesn’t want to subject itself to the legal dictates of the MDC-T constitution and one that refuses to show respect in death.”

Chamisa went on to lead a coup where he forcefully upstaged  Khupe and recalled all rebels and led the MDC A.

The purpose of MDC was supposed to be seen in its name. It was supposed to be a movement for democratic change but Chamisa had poured sand in the purpose of the MDC and it has become an unconstitutional party.

Ironically the whole time Chamisa and his backers have been refusing to acknowledge the president Emerson Mnangagwa as a legitimate leader. They have insisted on Constitutionalism and blamed ZANU PF for being in the power illegally. The whole time a man who was himself illegal has been causing problems in parliament in international platforms,in the country about the presumed illegality of the legal president. MDC can one day be in power but God forbid the character exhibited by Chamisa shows that once he becomes a president that will be the death of democracy as we know it.

ZANU PF has led by example, despite the disturbances caused by the illegal opposition leadership they were left to be.
MDC was meant to reintroduce constitutionalism and a fair environment for political space but it has been found wanting. The party has been breaching their own constitution. They have shown that they are an outfit which respects no law and yet scream the loudest about the rule of law.

The MDC forgets that Democracy was brought in by ZANU PF which actually fought  for a one man one vote and fairness to all. The purpose of the war was the need to have clean elections which allowed the winner to govern. But from its inception MDC has sought to disrupt each and every election. They even boast that if they lose they will pour sand which is another word of saying they will disturb any lawful rule in the country.

Zimbabwe is premised within the confines of the rule of law and democratic tenets of free and fair elections. These are the elections the MDC has swore to disrupt.

Chamisa has taken a good lesson from his master Hitler himself. MDC has lost control of the moral compass that it had been defined and based on at inception they have become an unguided missile. Chamisa has adopted Tsvangirai’s character of the use of violence as a weapon of settling disputes and illegal and unconstitutional decisions.

This is seen by Chamisa Jon Sikhala and Biti plotting your kill Gutu Mwonzora and Komichi. Instead of sitting down and coming up with a legal solution to their illegal actions they have come up with plots and counter plots to silence any opposition and in the case of Gutu they want him silenced for good.  What a shame??

The MDC-T has put up teams of thugs called the vanguards meant to enforce unlawful and undemocratic decisions. “These thugs exist at the center of this party to this very day.” MDC has actually refused to accept court rulings. They have stirred animosity between the judiciary and the people. They have made the people to disrespect the law yet they claim to be a party fenced around legality.
The MDC has lost its purpose it has become a terrorist  party led by a Mafia Jecha Chamisa fully advised mercenaries Job And Tendai Biti.

MDC has already failed its purpose  and should not be allowed even to contest as they are a terrorist party which respects no existing law.

Now the MDC are supposed to respect the laws and lead by example. If they cannot follow simple rulings while they are opposition how can they manage when they are in power.

Zimbabwe does not need a monster on the helm a vampire has been breeding in the  opposition and he is knocking the doors of the state house.

Zimbabweans have a duty to close the doors to state house and keep the monster away.
Unfortunately, those that support Nelson Chamisa fail to understand the mental condition of Chamisa and his team.
Chamisa and his team have decided to take a route which is not only illegal but satanic demonic and tyrannical.
It will be hypocritical for the MDC and indeed Chamisa and his alliance partners to talk about return to constitutionalism as a campaigning tool when they themselves have failed that test dismally.

It is ridiculous for MDC to accuse ED of being a coup leader when they have done the same thing, grabbing power by any means necessary and refuse to abide by the rules or comply with court’s ruling.

Even those who have been sponsoring Chamisa and Biti must be ashamed they must eat a humble pie and allow Zimbabwe to be and to move on.   Hopwell Chin’ono who now licks Chamisa’s dirty  has this to say in 2018

“The civil society brigade that went to town about the constitutional breaches derived from the military intervention have been rendered partial and partisan by not condemning the unconstitutional arrangements in the MDC-T.”

Yes it is true that by the threats flying around against Gutu and Mwonzora MDC has now adopted mob rule enforced by thug militias known as the vanguard.

The nation has now seen that those who talk too much about witches have a live snake as a belt and is around their waist.

“The fact that the MDC-T has been breaking its constitution and some citizens seeing nothing wrong with it has now created a monster, which if elected will resort to the same default positioning when confronted with similar challenges in the future.”  Hopwell had his rare moments of sanity.

It is sad to see that there are some people who chose not to see the devil in the pastor’s tittle. Considering that MDC has many lawyers than supporters it baffles to see them deliberately disregarding the decision of the highest court in the land.
“They hate ZANU PF and will give support to this group of people in the hope that it will replace ZANU PF through the ballot box, a dream now too unreal, based on the fast changing political circumstances in the country.”

ZANU PF has always maintained that it was legal and that the one who sees a piece of grass in one’s eye is usually blinded by his log in his eye.

It has shown that MDC never wanted to continue the legacy of democracy  but they just wanted to grab power. They have grabbed power within their party and they have relied on the misguided popularity of Chamisa. MDC only wishes to replace a democratically elected government with their tyranic unconstitutional outfit.

If constitutionalism was an issue, they would actively encourage that it be adhered to in their party first, in order to show the world that they mean what they say. Unfortunately MDC has climbed down from the tree of democracy.

MDC has preached a word which says do as I say not as I do.
The embarrassment in the MDC party is that it is a party led by a lawyer and supported by lawyers who are breaking the law.
Chamisa and Biti have tried to circumvent the law by saying theirs is a new entity called MDC A.

“For a party that was once known for its advocacy for constitutionalism, it is also ironic that it doesn’t have a constitution readily available online or on request.”

The Supreme Court made it clear that Chamisa is an illegitimate leader who is pushing a regime change agenda. This explains why Biti and Sikhala advocate for an illegal regime change.

Chamisa has always been confused and he was completely finished when he placed his trust from the old guards to the two rebels who successfully destroyed any hope left for Chamisa to rule.

Zimbabweans need to stand up and show Chamisa a way out of politics. Zimbabwe cannot be held at ransom by an illegal opposition led by an illegal leader who is sabotaging the nation.

Source – Dr Masimba Mavaza