Prof Jonathan Moyo, of wandering soul, lost ideas

Prof. Jonathan Moyo
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FREEZING in political Siberia owing to treacherous traits, a supposedly very witty mind called Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo wrote of the then head of state and government in a lengthy, bitterness-propelled diatribe:

By Meluleki Moyo

“Perennial wisdom from divine revelation and human experience dictates that all earthly things great or small, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, sad or happy, foolish or wise must finally come to an end.

It is from this sobering reality that the end of executive rule has finally come for Robert Mugabe who has had his better days after a quarter of a century in power.”

For those of us who added choosing God during the days of their youth, as well took the enlightenment route, the now bitter Professor’s words did not fall on a thorny path and were prickled, instead they fell on an academically fertile soil, and thanks to divine guidance!

We paid attention, he continued: “Given the foregoing, President Mugabe has no reason whatsoever to continue in office as that is no longer in his personal interest and is most certainly not in the national interest.

He just must now go and the fundamental law of the land gives him a descent constitutional exit that he must take while he is still able to do so to save the nation and his legacy.”

The certified deserter, who allegedly deserted the war of liberation and recently reportedly deserted his own family, clearly said former President Mugabe had overstayed and had to go, as a way of saving his legacy!

So why the brouhaha and hallabaloo since Mugabe’s legacy has been saved? We hastened to agree in unison that for someone who humiliated Cde Mugabe on numerous occasions to shift the “humiliation” mantra to some good Samaritans, who actually saved the former President from a humiliating political freefall last November, is actually an insult to these very literate Zimbabweans and the entire globe.

The very people the bitter Professor is today demonising for “humiliating” Mugabe, actually went out of their way to save the legacy of the former President, consequently restoring that of the entire nation.

Added to vehemently refusing to accept that his political sun has set, it’s so appalling how someone once considered a spin-doctor by many, can take his ignorance to the global podium, failing to understand the meaning of “resignation”.

Or probably as the better-than-everyone fundi, notorious for pouring out his vitriol in so many words and in loud-sounding-nothing format even to the ordinary men’s ears, he prefers to borrow “abdication”?

All the same, the beleaguered Prof should know that both terms allude to voluntarily relinquishing or handing over ownership of something, including power. For the record; as a result of “criminal” elements who had sent our great nation to the economic, political and even social dungeons, former President Mugabe was left with no option but to voluntarily resign (and may the icon have a good rest).

Today Prof Moyo walks on a black carpet of shame, on a path strewn with treachery, broken hearts and dreams of some individuals which he politically chewed and spit, as he egoistically set out to manoeuvre his way up the political ladder.

How he doesn’t tire at leaving a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes boggles the mind. Many were misled by the false political prophet, from the Tsholotsho declaration to the ambitious and misguided Generation 40 cabal.

Up to today, many innocent souls are still bleeding from the bruises of that fateful #DinyaneHighSchoolCurse and the G40 doomed train, when the political chameleon had made them think they had made it.

At a time when the nation is thirsty for progress he, still in gross cowardice, preaches divisiveness and violence from his hideout.

His bitterness can surely not be a security threat for millions of peace loving Zimbabweans who need nothing besides socio-economic transformation.

We are primarily concerned with meeting our political and economic objectives, coupled with upholding the principles of the revolution.

In case his memory is short-changing him owing to geographical confusion, in November 2017, Zimbabweans in their totality and from all walks of life, including political, marched in solidarity in quest of saving our nation from people who had found pleasure in spreading political, social and political rot.

Ah! And who can dare forget the wild celebrations on the streets, including Twitter, when news that “criminals” who had surrounded former President Mugabe had eloped, filtered through?

Looking lost, miserable and sounding bitter, Prof Moyo didn’t waste time in venting his frustration. Making noise on BBC’s Hardtalk, he threatened to take Zimbabwe and the world aback to the 19th and 20th Centuries when violence was the answer.

Prof Moyo will always go down memory lane as the purported spin doctor who spinned his political career to nothingness. All the same, wanderer, wanderer, please come home!