Zimbabwe government urges citizens to dump cars and by bicycles

Fortune Chasi
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The Minister of Energy and Power Development Advocate Fortune Chasi has urged Zimbabweans to consider using bicycles and motorbikes  given the dire fuel shortages hitting the country.

Chasi said developed countries like the  United Kingdom and Holland are already using bicycles.

Last year Deputy government Spokesperson Energy Mutodi told Zimbabweans that he has dumped his huge fuel guzzling car and was now using an ex-Japan which consumes less fuel.

He later posted pictures of himself riding a bicycle and urged everyone to dump their cars and use bicycles.

IT guru Robert who commented on the matter said, “Last week the Minister advised people to adopt electric cars in a country with heavy load shedding. .Last month people were urged to consider alternatives for bread.

“I am wondering what’s coming next. Since internet data prices are beyond the reach of many, we will be encouraged to stop using Whatsapp , FB or Email and go back to posting letters. Instead of buying airtime we might be urged to buy postage stamps and use telegram for urgent messages.”

Zimbabwe has been facing fuel challenges since 2017.

Government has been battling to  contain the escalating price of fuel which has led to some garages in Bulawayo to cease selling fuel while waiting for the new prices to be issued by ZERA.

Source – Byo24News