Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister to Lead Capital Markets and Investment Promotion Conference in London

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Next month, Finance, Economic Development, and Investment Promotion Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube will headline the Zimbabwe Capital Markets and Investment Promotion Conference in London. Scheduled for June 10-11, the event aims to attract foreign capital and showcase Zimbabwe’s investment potential to international investors.

According to the State media The Herald, the conference is a collaborative effort between the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX), Financial Markets Indaba (FMI), and the Zimbabwe Embassy in London. Its primary focus is on attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) across various economic sectors, including mining, agri-processing, tourism, energy, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

Building on the momentum from previous investment forums, including the inaugural Zimbabwe Capital Markets Conference in London in 2023 and subsequent editions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Johannesburg, this year’s event is poised to be even more impactful.

FMI Managing Director Patrick Muzondo emphasized the significance of the conference, stating, “The primary objectives are to create a platform where Zimbabwe’s deal flow and its true potential will be on display. The platform highlights opportunities across a wide range of sectors, outlining strategic capital allocation avenues for institutional investors, investment firms, and the diaspora into various asset classes.”

The VFEX has positioned itself as a competitive global platform for capital raising, aiming to transform Victoria Falls into an appealing offshore financial services center. “The forum will outline pathways for investors to realize liquidity and fair pricing of their investments through Zimbabwean listed markets,” added Muzondo.

The conference will feature presentations from key industry representatives and companies listed on VFEX, showcasing their operations and investment opportunities. Plenary sessions will include panel discussions with investment firms, corporates, regulators, and senior government officials, addressing investment risks, costs, and policies to enhance the attractiveness of Zimbabwe’s economy.

The event is expected to draw a diverse group of stakeholders, including high-profile investors, industry leaders, and policymakers. This gathering aims to facilitate robust dialogue on Zimbabwe’s economic potential and foster strategic partnerships.

FMI remains optimistic that the conference will further cement Zimbabwe’s position as a promising investment destination, leveraging its natural resources, strategic location, and ongoing economic reforms to drive sustainable growth and development.