ZUPCO Receives 50 New Buses

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ZUPCO received 50 new buses today. The busses according to President Mnangagwa are a step towards modernizing all corners of Zimbabwe:

Today’s announcement of 50 new ZUPCO buses being put into circulation is more than just a step towards a reliable transport system. When our people can move freely and affordably, Zimbabwe can start to modernise and innovate in all corners of our great country.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the buses President Mnangagwa said the buses were part of his administration’s efforts to revive the parastatal that was operating below capacity when he assumed duty in November 2017:

You will recall that at the onset of the 2nd Republic, my Administration made a commitment to resuscitate the public transport sector to ensure that our people have increased mobility at a lower cost. Today’s launch is partial fulfillment of that pledge.

The 4th batch of ZUPCO buses being imported into the country is being commissioned today. This latest batch brings the total to 212 buses so far, with more expected soon.The replenishment of the ZUPCO fleet is aimed at alleviating transport challenges in the country.

Meanwhile, ZUPCO Bus operators have been classified under frontline workers and they are expected to be vaccinated soon together with other frontline workers. Details of the routes and centers the new buses will be posted could not be established now.

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