ZimTrade promotes export opportunities in Mozambique

ZimTrade chief executive officer Mr Majuru
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Local companies have been presented an opportunity to avail their goods for export to Mozambique with ZimTrade expected to host an online dissemination seminar today.

The seminar is aimed at unpacking findings of a market survey conducted in Mozambique in March this year.

It will also see potential Mozambican buyers making presentations on market expectations from Zimbabwean suppliers.

Those expected to make presentations are drawn from different sectors among them fast-moving consumer goods, building and construction, agricultural inputs and implements, as well as engineering.

The online seminar is in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations that dissuade gatherings in the face of the world ravaging Covid-19.

In a statement, the national trade development and promotion organisation said Mozambique offers good opportunities, particularly for companies struggling to reach some parts of the world due to Covid-19.

“We understand that Covid-19 has disrupted some business activities in Zimbabwe and beyond but that should not deter local companies from increasing their supplies into the regional markets,” said ZimTrade Chief Executive Officer Mr Allan Majuru.

“Currently, international markets are difficult to reach for some sectors. However, given the proximity of markets like Mozambique, local companies are encouraged to shift their focus to ensure they maximise sales on available markets.

“Going forward, we will be organising more virtual business to business meetings and other engagements between local companies and buyers in the region, to ensure that we maximise on potential presented by our proximity to most countries in southern Africa,” he said.

Mozambique relies on imports heavily, in 2019 it registered an import bill of US$10.9 billion according to Trade Map.

Of that bill, US$354.3 million was paid for goods coming from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s exports to Mozambique are mainly dominated by goods such as sugar, sugar confectionary, tea, coffee, paper and packaging as well as timber.

Research by ZimTrade shows that there is potential in products like pharmaceuticals, machinery parts, equipment, poultry meat and agricultural inputs. – Herald