Zimra installs automated systems to curb corruption

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ZIMBABWE Revenue Authority has installed four automated systems in various entry and exit points of the country to curb corruption.

ZIMRA ICT Director Shamu Moyo recently said they were making frantic efforts to eliminate human involvement at the Zimbabwean borders.

“ZIMRA’s thrust is to have fully Automated Customs and Tax administration systems. This should reduce human interaction hence opportunities for corruption and also to maximise revenue collection. We implemented the Comprehensive Digitalisation strategy for anchoring transformation. We also have Specific Projects targeted at fighting and reducing corruption, reducing human interface, reducing manual processing and employing technology for surveillance and monitoring, ” Moyo said.

Moyo said they have so far managed to implement about four automative systems which is set to reduce corruption.

“We have the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) whose function is sealing and tracking of commercial trucks and transiting vehicles, the sealing reduces dumping of Goods and fuel in the Country motor vehicles. The second one is the e-TIP (Electronic Temporary Import Permit) and it allows travellers to process their TIP electronically thus avoiding human intervention which create room for corruption,” Moyo said.

“Thirdly is the Road Manifest and Quota Management which is used in improved controls on Road Cargo manifest and improved efficiency through removal of manual capturing avoiding human intervention which created room for corruption. Lastly we have the Whistle Blower 34B Cases (Phase 1) which is used for Automated Whistle Blowing Payment Process – triggers and alert.”

ZIMRA Acting Commissioner General Regina Chinamasa pleaded with the public to report or inform them on any corruption they may spot on any occasion.

“As Zimra, we require information that can assist us to deal with the corruptions scourge. We appeal to you our stakeholders to report corruption through the use of the whistle blower facilities and other information exchange –platforms,” Chinamasa said.

Chinamasa said Zimra remains committed to the fight against corruption through implementation of life style audits, corruption risk assessment tool, investigations and audit of tax evasion, illicit trade practices, smuggling and sanctioning of proceeds of crime.

Bulawayo Minister of State Judith Ncube said she is grateful that Zimra is also making effort of fighting corruption in the country.

“I am pleased that Zimra has decided to lead the fight against corruption by creating these important multi- sectoral platforms that all for Powerful, Painful Conversations (PPC) around a difficult subject matter. Corruption is everywhere and corruption must be fought not only from the corridors of power inn government but from the private sector,” Ncube said.

She said the idea that corruption is something that exists only in government institutions is a flawed idea that limits a more robust and holistic confrontation of the challenges that corruption besets on our economy and shared quality of life.

This comes after Zacc revealed that it was going after officials at Zimra, whom it accuses of fuelling corruption at the borders.

The anti-graft body said the country’s borders had become enablers of high-level criminal activity, including drug trafficking, livestock theft, money-laundering and smuggling of minerals, which it says is costing the country about US$1,8 billion per annum in illicit financial flows.

Zacc has lately been targeting cross-border transporters to stop rampant smuggling of goods and human trafficking.

The sting operation has irked transport operators, who feel they were being unfairly treated.

Source – Byo24