Zimra CG recruitment drags on

Mrs Bonyongwe
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The process to replace the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s former commissioner general Gershem Pasi might take longer as the new Government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has started a thorough vetting process for potential candidates jostling for the post. A new commissioner general was according to the organisation, expected to have been appointed last month, but it appears the process will drag into the new year.

Mr Pasi resigned from Zimra earlier this year, having been on suspension for alleged gross mismanagement and corruption believed to have cost the country hundreds of millions in potential tax revenues over a number of years. President Mnangagwa has repeatedly emphasised the need to end corruption in state and private institutions and his Government has adopted zero tolerant on graft.

Zimra had by the beginning of October this year advertised for a new commissioner general with Chairperson Willia Bonyongwe Mid-November announcing the State entity would have recruited an ideal candidate for the top post by end of that month.

However, major developments under Operation Restore Legacy, took place resulting in the resignation of former president Mugabe and changes in Cabinet. This came after Zimra had a list of short-listed candidates. Insiders say, these short-listed candidates are being put under further scrutiny in line with the new policy thrust.

Mrs Bonyongwe could not respond to questions sent two weeks ago at the time of going to print around the recruitment process. Zimra, however, responded through its communication department without being drawn to give specifics.

“As you appreciate, we cannot delve into the details of applicants and how their applications were processed. All I can confirm is that the recruitment process is being done procedurally and in accordance with the tenets of good corporate governance,” said a Zimra source.

Zimra said the vacancy for the post of the commissioner general was advertised in the print media outlining qualifications, experience and other attributes commensurate with the requirements of the job and inviting suitable candidates to apply.

“The recruitment process is currently underway and the Authority will inform the nation of the outcome once the process is finalised.”