Zimbabwe-born MasterChef Australia star’s extra-spicy barbeque brand sauce hits supermarket shelves

BarbeRue Sauce will be available at Coles stores nationwide for a limited time.
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PERTH – A BBQ sauce created by MasterChef Australia contestant Rue Mupedzi is about to hit supermarket shelves.

The 29-year-old from Zimbabwe won the immunity challenge on Thursday night’s episode of the cooking competition with the spicy condiment.

Rue’s sauce, called BarbeRue, will now be available through Coles for a limited time.

In a landmark move for the hit series, Rue’s sauce is the first contestant-made product to be allowed for sale.

A delighted Rue appeared on Channel 10’s The Project on Friday night to talk about the new sauce.

Admitting that she had never tried BBQ sauce before arriving in Australia nine years ago, the Oral Health therapist gave a preview of what fans can expect from her saucy concoction.

“It’s mild for me,’ Rue laughed, after The Project host Georgie Tunny said that the label on the BarbeRue bottle had a chilli rating of three – meaning it was extra spicy.

“I love chilli, but I have a bit of a sweat coming on,” added The Project’s Steve Price, who tested out the sauce.

Later, Rue advised that, “if you eat it straight from the jar, it’s going to be very spicy.”

In a statement, the fan favourite described the taste of BarbeRue as ‘smokey, sweet and spicy’.

Taking to Instagram after the episode aired on Thursday, the chef said she was ‘speechless’ when she won the prize.

Sharing a carousel of photos of her and her new product, Rue wrote: ‘I am a woman of many words and I feel so speechless, overwhelmed, nervous and grateful all in the same breath.

“Never did I ever think I could get on MasterChef, let alone be in the top 10 then proceed to win one of the biggest wins in the competition,” she continued.

“I feel like everything was lined up for this win. I truly believe all things worked together for my good.’

The chef went on to thank the judges of her season, Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and the late Jack Zonfrillo.

Rue continued: “I am so so grateful for the continued support from the judges. They have helped my confidence grow in the kitchen and have continued to see something in me that I myself sometimes could not see.

“I honestly feel like I can do anything I set my mind to moving forward.” – Daily Mail Australia