Video: Mnangagwa owns Zuva Petroleum – Biti

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In this undated video, MDC Vice President, Tendai Biti, alleges that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is the owner of Zuva Petroleum.


Says Biti:

The retail sector has got 2 monopolies the Zuva family and the Puma family. Who is Zuva? It’s Emmerson Mnangagwa. Shingi (Mutasa) sold. Shingi bough BP and Shell from the British then he sold it to a consortium fronted by banker (John) Mushayavanhu. But Mushayavanhu doesn’t have $23 million or $35 million.

There’s only one many with that kind of money and it’s Emmerson Mnangagwa. That’s why Zuva, if you notice, is the only garage selling fuel in hard currency.

And that’s why Zuva was the first service station to sell fuel at $5 a litre