Varun Beverages sets US$110m into operations growth

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HARARE – Varun Beverages has announced that it has invested US$110 million in establishing its carbonated soft drinks business in Zimbabwe, making it one of the largest operations in the sector.

The company, which is the second-largest bottler of PepsiCo Holdings globally, inaugurated its Zimbabwean business in 2018 after an initial investment of US$30 million.

Since then, Varun Beverages Zimbabwe has expanded its production capacity to 80 million bottles of carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, and bottled water per month.

The company expressed gratitude to the people of Zimbabwe for their support and stated that the significant investment would not have been possible without their backing.

Varun Beverages has a wide range of products in Zimbabwe, including Sting energy drink, Pepsi, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Fruity, Mirinda Pineapple, Mirinda Green Apple, 7Up, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew, and the bottled water brand Aquaclear.

The company intends to continue investing in Zimbabwe and is committed to working in the spirit of the country’s openness for investment. In celebration of International Yoga Day, Varun Beverages organized yoga sessions at its plant, with the support of the Indian Ambassador and the Indian Embassy in Zimbabwe.

The importance of yoga for healthy living was highlighted during the event, and the company’s vice president of public relations expressed gratitude to the Indian Ambassador for the yoga session.