Tourism crisis: Zimbabwe and Zambia run out of KAZA univisa stickers

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LUSAKA – Zambia and Zimbabwe have officially run out of convenient KAZA univisa stickers, leaving tourists with no other option but to purchase regular, single-country visas upon entry.

There is currently a shortage of the KAZA Univisa stickers in Zambia at all four of the entry ports.

Livingstone Airport, Lusaka Airport, Kazungula Border with Botswana and Victoria Falls Border with Zimbabwe (Zambian side) have all suspended the issuing of the UniVisa since the stickers ran out.

All entry points including Harare International Airport, Victoria Falls International Airport, Kazungula Border (Botswana) and the Victoria Falls Border have run out of stock.

The KAZA univisa sticker was launched back in December 2016, and allows tourists to gain entry to both Zimbabwe and Zambia for just $50.

It also covers day-entry to Botswana via the Kazungula borders.In the meantime, visitors will have to shell out between $30 and $55 for regular Zimbabwean visas, which are available at all points of entry.

They will then also be required to purchase separate Zambian visas.This spells trouble for both countries’ tourism industries.Both tourism authorities have been unavailable for comment. -Lusaka Times