TelOne data rollover could be the game changer

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THE idea of data rollover is something that has been haunting the Zimbabwean internet user for as long as internet data packages have been in use, but ISP giant TelOne looks set to “correct” that.

Data rollover is when a user’s data package reaches the expiry window while there is still data for use and the remaining data is automatically made available to the customer for another expiry window, usually 30 days.

With the country having been in one level of lockdown or another over the last eleven months now, many have normalised working partially or fully from home, and data packages from leading ISP firms have been the game changer. Except there has been one common challenge: reaching the expiry date of the data package while still having loads of data to one’s credit.

“I often end up downloading stuff I don’t need, such as movies, just so that I exhaust all my data before it’s wiped out on expiry date,” Munyaradzi Makuni, a website designer and entrepreneur, told the Zimbabwe Voice.

He buys 50GB per month Wi-Fi bundle with a leading mobile network, but may not use all of it within the 30 days as his needs vary from one month to another depending on his business cycle.

With many start-ups and entrepreneurs entering the economic space in Zimbabwe of late, many are in Munyaradzi’s circumstances. But not anymore, if TelOne packages are anything to go by.

TelOne says its data packages may be rolled over for a period of 30 days after expiry of the initial window period. Although this applies for limited data bundles only, it goes a long way to swing internet users in the TelOne direction, according to a snap survey carried by this publication.

Says TelOne in its terms and conditions: “Data rolled over to another window of 30 days will be forfeited if not used within the new 30 day window that is the “Rollover Period”.

“The Rollover Period will not exceed 30 days. Unutilized data will be automatically rolled over in the TelOne systems.”

However, in the event that the roll over does not happen automatically, the customer can advise TelOne through any one of its various Customer Centres’ or Call Centre for rectification of the system.

The terms further say customers will not be eligible for further rollover of data once the Rollover Period has elapsed.

To top it off, data will first be consumed from the rolled over data, before using any new recharged data during the Rollover Period, while a change in the type of data bundle package during the Rollover period will not affect the rolled over data.

The system will also first use the rolled over data under the current package before using the data under the new package.

“I surely would like that flexibility in the way I use my data packages,” says Chantelle Sibanda, an online sales representative with a leading FMCG chain. “Hope there’s no small print issues to the TelOne package, but it’s really worth my while to go check with them,” she said.

Another heavy internet user who is “tired as hell” of seeing his data packages swallowed up on expiry date also appeared interested in a rollover arrangement, but worried that TelOne might require him to install a fixed telephone line first.

“Most of my generation are tenants and won’t want to install fixed telephone lines at rented premises because we’re always on the move. I might be wrong but I associate TelOne with fixed lines connectivity. However, I’ll still enquire with them if they have wireless connectivity,” he told the Zimbabwe Voice.

Efforts to get a quick comment from TelOne were not successful as the response wouldn’t come in time for publishing.

Source – zimbabwevoice