Retailers praise govt for initiative to tame vending

Retailers stocking up on both hope and large amounts of caution (pic: Jekesai Njikizana/AFP)
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THE Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) has fallen short of describing Zimbabwe as a paradise in a statement about President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s leadership, that borders on excessive bootlicking.

Signed by CZR President Denford Mutashu, the statement showers praise upon praise on Mnangagwa who is further described as a visionary, exemplary and remarkable.

CZR is a membership-based organisation for retail companies or supermarkets, that is supposed to lobby the government on policy matters on behalf of its stakeholders.

Although Mutashu’s statement is without a title it touches on Mnangagwa’s supposed progress in infrastructure development, economic stability, unity and how he has boosted job creation.

“Since the consummation of the Second Republic, President Dr. ED Mnangagwa has shown exceptional leadership, unwavering commitment, and tireless dedication to the well-being and progress of our great nation,” said Mutashu.

“Mnangagwa’s visionary approach to governance has fostered an environment of stability and unity.

“The President’s steadfast focus on economic growth and development has yielded remarkable results…he has spurred job creation, boosted productivity, and enhanced the overall prosperity of the nation.”

Right as a cholera outbreak threatens to rundown Zimbabwe’s already dilapidated health system, Mutashu showered praises on Mnangagwa for his “groundbreaking inititatives” that ensured quality and affordable care.

The country’s health sector is not just underfunded, it has lost thousands of nurses, doctors and other professionals who fled poor wages and failure to provide basic equipment for better-paying countries in Europe, America and Australia.

Added Mutashu: “The President has launched ground-breaking initiatives, ensuring access to quality education and affordable healthcare for all citizens. These measures will undoubtedly have a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and contribute to the progress of our society.

“Mnangagwa’s leadership on the global stage has been exemplary. Through diplomatic efforts, he has strengthened our nation’s standing and forged alliances that promote peace, cooperation, and mutual understanding.

“His integrity, vision, and dedication have propelled our country forward and inspired citizens across all walks of life. We stand united in support of the President’s continued efforts to build a brighter future for our nation and its citizens.”

Zimbabwe is currently reeling under an economic crisis that has devalued salaries, saw a hike in the price of basics and failed to create much-needed employment since its meltdown in the late 90s.

Mnangagwa’s initial attempts to rebuild relations with Western countries under his Re-Engagement Agenda did not bear fruits, he has reverted to “all-weather friends” in the Middle East, China and Russia instead.