Nyaradzo introduces diaspora package

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Diversified insurance group, Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company has launched a pioneer product, the Sahwira International Plan (SIP) that will cater to Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora across the globe.

The SIP will bridge the gap and give those living abroad the opportunity to be present for the burial of their loved ones. And it is available for complete registration online. Speaking at the launch of SIP Nyaradzo chief executive officer Philip Mataranyika said the new product was especially focused for Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora.

“Today, it is estimated that there is an excess of three million Zimbabweans residing in the Diaspora and they are often not catered for by most Zimbabwean products. We feel that Diasporans are key clients so we have tailor-made a product that meets their needs particularly when it comes to the repatriation of their loved ones. The SIP is a product dedicated to ‘redefining convenience’.

“The product benefits both Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora as well as their loved ones back home, meaning that you can cover your spouse, children and any other dependants both in the Diaspora and in Zimbabwe,” he said.

SIP allows policy holders to get two return air tickets from wherever they are in the world to Zimbabwe.

“The thinking behind this product is that death comes when least expected and in our culture it is the norm to be present for a family burial whether immediate or extended. However, being present can be very difficult without planning and as Nyaradzo we want to bridge that gap and give people living abroad the opportunity to be present for the burial of their loved ones,” said the CEO.

Management says the second milestone benefit of SIP is the provision of accommodation in comfortable apartments. The apartments have Wi-Fi and are fully-furnished to an upmarket standard. This consideration for accommodation is also a solution for customers who live abroad and have properties in Zimbabwe but are renting them out.

The third innovative benefit is the provision of a double cab vehicle.

Customers will be able to use the vehicle for the duration of their stay which is capped at 7 days. In terms of the SIP, the policy covers the principal member, spouse and children under the age of 23 resident in foreign countries who wish to be repatriated to Zimbabwe.

It provides cover to other dependants and children above the age of 23 at an additional premium. One has an option to cover their relative/s of their choice who reside in Zimbabwe.

In terms of benefits within the country of resident, the SIP provides a coffin with a hermetic seal suitable for international transportation. It also provides removal from place of death to mortuary; international embalming and body preparation; repatriation to Zimbabwe and grocery allowance.

And in Zimbabwe the policy provides chapel services where chapel is available; hearse to place of burial within Zimbabwe; provision of a casket commensurate with the chosen plan; bus transport (depending on the plan type) for mourners from place of mourning to place of burial in Zimbabwe using the shortest possible route, subject to accessibility of the roads; graveside equipment; provision of a 200 seater tent; chairs and two
portable toilets at one chosen location for two nights.

Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company is a member of an insurance and events management group which offers diverse products and services solutions through listening to and understanding the needs of its stakeholders.

Source: Herald