Mnangagwa urged to find an experienced business executive for Industry Ministry

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HARARE – The Reserve Bank and the entire  monetary policy team have done well towards stabilising the local currency. A stable currency forms the foundation for a strong economy. The country now needs an experienced operator to serve as Minister of Industry and commerce.

The monetary policy needs to be complimented by a ministry of Industry that will inject life into the productive sectors of the economy.

The ministry of Industry needs to play its part and ensure import substitution and export generation. These are needed urgently to compliment the monetary policy wins that have been secured by the Reserve Bank.

The Import substitution and export generation agenda need a seasoned industrialist to serve as Minister of Industry. The country needs a seasoned industrialist who understands the needs of the local industry. The individual to serve as minister of Industry must have international clout. Exports can only be generated with the participation of the international community.

Agriculture now has a seasoned team of individuals who know the Agriculture sector. Their experience, skills and expertise should help the nation in its quest to be food secure. Our industries need to function and create jobs.

The President as the appointing authority now needs to relook the Ministry of Industry. The ministry now needs to be proactive on the issue of prices, production and job creation. A seasoned industrialist is the best way forward.

Anthony Mandiwanza is a man who could be an asset to the ministry of Industry. His track record, CV, and skills speak volumes. He is respected by his peers and knows his way around government and corporate bureaucracy.

Anthony Mandiwanza could be the best candidate to take over the ministry of Industry and help government create a productive economy. Anthony Mandiwanza is what Zimbabwean industry needs at the moment, or some other seasoned industrialist.

Other names in line includes Busisa Moyo, Kubirai Katsande