Invictus Energy CEO to Expand on Upstream, Investment Dialogue at African Energy Week

Scott Macmillan, Invictus CEO
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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, – Invictus Energy, an independent upstream oil and gas company, will be represented by its CEO, Scott Macmillan, at the upcoming African Energy Week (AEW) conference and exhibition.

The event is scheduled to take place from October 16-20, 2023, in Cape Town and is regarded as Africa’s premier event for the energy sector.

Macmillan’s participation at AEW 2022 was deemed successful, as he engaged in discussions about Invictus Energy’s exploration activities in the Cabora Bassa Basin in Zimbabwe. This region is considered the largest undrilled onshore prospect in Africa, with significant reserves of gas and oil. Given the positive outcome of the previous year, Macmillan will return to the conference this year to drive serious conversations about partnership and investment opportunities in Africa’s upstream sector.

Macmillan’s presence at AEW 2023 is particularly significant because Invictus Energy represents one of Africa’s top drilling campaigns for the year. It underscores the importance of maximizing exploration activities and tapping into the continent’s vast, untapped hydrocarbon resources to enhance energy security, reliability, affordability, and accelerate socioeconomic development.

As the head of Invictus Energy, Macmillan has played a crucial role in positioning Zimbabwe as an exploration hotspot. The company’s SG 4571 drilling campaign aims to target conventional gas-condensate in eight stacked rift basins within Zimbabwe’s Muzarabani region.

In February 2023, under Macmillan’s leadership, Invictus Energy successfully completed the Mukuyu-1 Appraisal well program. This program indicated the potential for significant gas columns across two rifts. Now, with plans to launch drilling activities for the Mukuyu-2 Appraisal well in 2023, Invictus Energy has secured the Exalo Drilling Rig 202 to commence operations and is actively seeking partners to support its exploration campaign.

AEW 2023 provides the ideal platform for Macmillan to network, engage in discussions, and potentially sign partnership deals with global exploration firms and energy investors. The conference will feature high-level panel discussions, exclusive networking sessions, and upstream forums, addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by independent explorers like Invictus Energy in Africa’s growing hydrocarbon industry.

AEW is an annual event organized by the African Energy Chamber (AEC), serving as a gathering for African energy policymakers, companies, stakeholders, global investors, and partners. The conference aims to discuss the future of the continent’s oil and gas industry and explore avenues for collaboration and growth.