Harare CBD refurbishment team set up

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The Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province, Engineer Oliver Chidhawu has set up a team with a special mandate to ensure that all buildings in the Central Business District (CBD) are refurbished in line with the national clean up policy.

Once the hub of vendors selling all sorts goods ranging from sweets, bananas, tomatoes and even roasted green mealies, the CBD is now a different place.

A drive along Samora Machel or  Julius Nyerere streets will provide one with a breath of fresh air as the local authorities embark on a rebuild Harare drive.

Even from the aerial view, one will be convinced that the national clean up policy launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now bearing fruit.

Engineer Chidawu said his office in conjunction with local authorities have taken heed of President Mnangagwa’s call to give Harare a face lift.

“We have taken heed of the President’s clean up concept, we have set up a rebuild Harare team headed by Ambassador Mary Mubi to implement our strategic plan, we now have a health situation where no litter is dropped in the streets,” said Engineer  Chidawu.

The rebuild Harare team is expected among other things to ensure all vendors operating from buildings in CBD are cleared.

The move to clean up the city follows a joint operation by the city council and law enforcement agents who cleared all vendors who were blocking the smooth movement of traffic.

During the opening of a new Labour Court  in Harare earlier this year, President Mnangagwa implored the local authority to craft by-laws which compels building owners to face lift them in order for the capital city to regain its sunshine city status in line with vision 2030. – ZBC