Global airlines eye more direct flights to Zimbabwe

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HARARE – There has been a rise in passenger volumes travelling into the country seeking business, trade and investment opportunities.

One of the world’s most recognised  airline brands, Emirates’ Commercial Manager for Zimbabwe Mr Majid Al Falasi said the government’s agenda regarding cooperation with  international countries including the Zimbabwe is open for business narrative have seen the global airline recording huge levels of business in the cargo and passenger volumes.

“The main objective of mantra this at the current situation is bringing investors in the country. Plans are being made to ensure that everything is done in a manner that can increase trade flows for the country,” he said.

A rebound has also seen the global airline mooting plans to increase flights into Harare in the short to long term.

“There are fresh opportunities that can sustain the sector to unlock more value that will also be considered in the future,” said Mr Falasi.

Cargo exports amounting to 1 900 tonnes were carried from Zimbabwe mainly mixed seasonal perishables in 2017 while 1 176 tonnes of imports included general cargo, pharmaceuticals and hatching eggs.

There was a six percent rise in the number of passengers to a figure of 337 512 passengers giving testament of the positive benefits already being felt under the open business mantra.