Econet Launches International Business Process Outsourcing Centre

Douglas Mboweni - Econet CEO
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The Econet group today unveiled the OmniContact – a standalone ‘business process outsourcing’ (BPO) unit that will offer local and foreign businesses, both private and public enterprises, a wide range of specialized outsourced services, designed to free them to focus on their core activities as well as reduce their capital and operational costs.

The outsourced services include product sales, contact centre support, loyalty and retention programmes, social media analytics, subscription renewals and a host of other services.

Speaking at the launch of the service in Harare, Econet Zimbabwe Group CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni said the OmniContact would leverage digital technology to help organizations deliver enhanced customer experience and manage their costs.

“We are excited to unveil a service that will help big and small companies, private and public enterprises, both local or based outside Zimbabwe, to allow the OmniContact to handle those customer support aspects of their businesses for which they have no expertise,” Mr Mboweni said.

“Using its digital platforms and a pool of highly trained personnel, and leveraging best-in-class customer experience management technology and software, the OmniContact will let organizations increase their competitive advantage by focusing on their core activities – whether it’s manufacturing, hotel and tourism, retailing, insurance, banking and financial services or whatever sector of the economy they operate in,” said Mr Mboweni.

He said in an increasingly digital and competitive global marketplace, the outsourcing model used by the OmniContact was an efficient and proven way of managing business processes, adding that a 2018 survey by accounting and management firm Deloitte, revealed that in order to gain a competitive advantage, 84 percent of pioneering companies will outsource their services.

OmniContact head and Chief Customer Experience Officer Mr Otis Makahamadze said the centre, which already had a number of local and international clients, was built on scalable technology and would offer outsourced services tailored to suit client needs.

“Our platform is scalable and designed to meet the growing need for customers with increasingly sophisticated personal preferences, to be heard as unique individuals – not as mere numbers – and the need for organizations to manage costs while improving the customer experience,” said Mr Makahamadze.

He said the OmniContact would offer a wide range of services to both local and foreign-based clients across multiple sectors.

“We are bringing to the market a wide variety of services that include local and international product sales, contact centre support (both inbound and outbound service), loyalty and retention programmes, social media analytics, as well as subscription renewals and collections, among others,” said Makahamadze, vowing that the OmniContact would use its advanced technology infrastructure and highly skilled and talented human resources to offer unparalleled outsourcing solutions.

He added that the OmniContact had already garnered a global client and customer portfolio that spans the USA, Dubai, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Angola, Kenya and South Africa, Tanzania, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

Mr Makahamadze assured prospects that client and customer confidentiality would be of critical importance for the OmniContact, saying the organization would observe rigorous, international, carrier-grade data protection and privacy standards and practices to ensure that clients’ data was secure.