Tuku’s Unauthorised Biographer Unrepentant About Publishing Sam’s Picture

Oliver Mtukudzi
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Oliver Mutukudzi’s former publicist Shepherd Mutamba who published the second edition of his unauthorised biography of the musician’s life has defended himself for publishing a picture of Sam Mtukuidzi. Mutamba published a picture showing Sam’s lifeless body covered by a blanket while Oliver and Daisy weep beside the body.

Speaking to the Daily News, Mutamba said,

I am a civilised human being and sensitive to matters of bereavement. People must appreciate that the second book is a documentary that captures events photographically and exactly how things happened. Thousands of mourners viewed Sam’s body even people who had never met Sam.

That is what we generally do in African traditions…we do body viewing as an opportunity for mourners to bid our deceased loved ones farewell. The picture shows that Sam’s body was well covered by a blanket and neither injury nor his face is visible in the picture. His fans, friends and even family across the world who didn’t attend the funeral can look at the picture and see his last moments before burial. I don’t think the picture is out of context or insensitive.

Mtukudzi has distanced himself from the book and saying that he will not concern himself with Mutamba’s book.

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