Student publishes three books

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A GREAT ZIMBABWE University student has published three Christian books:  “The Plan in God’s Mind”; “Life Lessons from Animals and Relationships”, “Courtships and Marriage”.

The Nyanyadzi born and bred Farai Matende published all his books at Days of My Youth Press in Harare. The three books are his first after having started writing his preaching sermons in 2012 while he was still in secondary school.

The Plan in God’s Mind has eight sermons while Life Lessons from Animals is a book which answers whether or not God wants humankind to learn from animals.

The book is a guide on which lessons can be leant from animals by people.

The book contains various lessons including learning to manage your time, community, and dependence.

The third book Courtship and Marriage targets all Christians who need to learn a thing or two about relationships.

“It is important to learn about relationships because they govern us.

“They give us direction, purpose, power, and sense to our lives. This book is for everyone even those that are not in relationships,” said the 24-year-old.

“Prophet Magaya inspired me because of the many Christian books he has written. I however, had financial challenges in having my books published sooner since I am only a university student with no income. But I soldiered on and remained positive and here I am today, living my dream of being an author,” said the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries congregant.

Matende is currently in his third year at Great Zimbabwe University studying Human Resources Management.

He is yet to take his books to bookshops across the country.