Mnangagwa questions Tshinga Dube writing a book before he dies

Tshinga Dube
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is not offended by sentiments shared by politburo member Tshinga Dube with whom he had occasion to ask – tongue-in-cheek – how the former Minister has decided to publish a book during his living years.

This was said by the retired Colonel following the launch of his book entitled ‘Quiet Flows The Zambezi’.

In his book, Dube traces his boyhood years and his liberation war experiences as a ZPRA combatant.

He also touches on the current politics that has seen bruising turf wars between Zanu PF and MDC, the country’s two dominant political parties.

But many Zimbabwean politicians, particularly those from the old guard that fought the country’s war of independence, often seek to have their books published when they are gone for fear of a backlash from those they may have offended in their writings.

Dube feels he had to break tradition and pen his own story when he was still alive.

The Bulawayo businessman says he has been to airports and other parts of the world where he often came across material written by outsiders on the country’s liberation war.

“…So I thought I should put just a little bit in my biography, sharing my story and not what I heard from others.

“Even our President (Mnangagwa) asked me, he said how do you write a book when you are still alive? But if I leave it until I am dead, I won’t be able to defend the book,” said the politician.

Dube added, “Zimbabwe has a lot of stories to tell. We lost thousands of people during the liberation war…those stories are told passively. We (former combatants) are the people to tell those stories in detail for the benefit of young people.

“The story of our liberation is so big.”

In his book, Dube does not hide his disapproval for a lost opportunity by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to embrace his MDC rivals just when then national leader Robert Mugabe was ousted in a popular military coup November 2017.

What has followed is a hugely divided nation, something blamed on the current economic chaos.

The Zanu PF top official says President Mnangagwa has not been offended by his candid comments.

“We are in new dispensation. I don’t think anyone has been offended by what I wrote,” he said.