Hairdresser turns ‘blind’ after night at bar

Sithabile Zulu
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A GIRLS night out turned horrible for a Bulawayo hairdresser when she got affected by stage fog and reportedly became “blind”.


Sithabile Zulu had reportedly gone out with friends when the unfortunate incident befell her.

After the pumping out of the fog, she reportedly started complaining of her eyes as they became itchy and it later got out of control.

The long night which was supposed to be full of fun was cut short as Zulu’s condition forced the whole crew to return to their homes and sleep.

A reliable source close to Zulu said: “These ladies had gone out for fun and when they were at a certain nightclub, fog was pumped out resulting in Zulu reacting badly.

“She started complaining of eyes and her friends just took it lightly thinking if she went to sleep it was going to get better, but it never did.

“It then affected her eyesight and she never reported for work for the whole week, forcing her boss to look for an assistant to replace her.

“It is really sad because her friends have confirmed that it really affected her eyesight,” said the source.

Some hairdressers who used to work with Zulu confirmed the incident saying they were also told by her close friends.

“Sitha worked as an assistant and she stopped coming to work after she reacted badly to fog at a bar. We do not know how serious she is, but since the incident she has not come to work and has been replaced by another hairdresser,” said the other hairdresser who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Zulu refused to comment.

“I cannot talk about that. Just tell me the person who gave you that information and my contact details,” said Zulu before dropping the call. – B-Metro