‘Fights’ as Gutu head drinks water from a grave

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GUTU – A village head from Kadivira under Chief Chitsa’s area in Gutu shocked his subjects when he drank three cups of water oozing from a grave that was being dug for the burial of a premature baby.
Under Shona tradition, children under the age of one are buried in wetlands.
The incident happened on June 9, 2019.
As the grave diggers were about to finish their work, Karisitoni Mupiwa (75) who is also the grandfather of the deceased allegedly fetched 3 cups of water from the grave and drunk them much to the shock of villagers.
Alexanda Mupiwa (40) who is the father of the deceased was not happy with the incident and has since reported the matter to Chief Chitsa.
Alexandra told the chief’s court that he was shocked with the behaviour and did not expect such from his uncle. He said he wanted to know why his uncle drank water from the grave. He was said he was suspicious because when the baby was born, its nose looked like that of a turkey (garikuni).
Mupiwa confessed that he drank the water from the grave but insisted that it was only because that he found it clean and he was thirst.
Alexandra told Chief Chitsa that he did not want his uncle to compensate him but he only wanted to make the issue public just in case some mysterious things happen in future.