Chipinge n’anga bashed for snatching married woman

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A SELF-STYLED Chipinge traditional healer is lucky to be alive after being given a thorough hiding by a male neighbour whose pregnant wife he allegedly snatched and tried to terminate the pregnancy.

The matter came to light during the appearance of Nicholas Moyokudu, of Chibuwe Communal Lands, before Chipinge magistrate Mr Joshua Nembaware facing assault charges, this week.

The matter was remanded to May 8 after Moyokudu requested for the services of a lawyer.

Moyokudu pleaded not guilty, arguing that the traditional healer Enoch Mabure (55), eloped with his wife and children.

“I assaulted him (traditional healer) after he ran away with my wife. She was pregnant and he wanted to help her abort. I do not have my wife at home; she ditched me together with my minor children for him,’’ he said.

Prosecutor Shamiso Ncube told the court that on November 21, 2018, Moyokudu’s wife went to the traditional healer’s homestead seeking his services since she was unwell.

The two are close neighbours.

“Mabure told the woman that he could not help her in the absence of her husband, and she return home intending to return with Moyokudu. The woman did not return to the traditional healer place since Moyokudu had refused to accompany her.

“The following day Mabure visited Moyokudu’s homestead asking why he had not accompanied his wife as he had instructed. A misunderstanding ensued where Mabure produced a sjambok and demanded to see the woman.

“However, Moyokudu disarmed Mabure and went on to whip him using the sjambok. Mabure escaped and made a police report at Chibuwe police station, leading to the arrest of Moyokudu,” she said.