‘Ancestors’ order woman to stay in bush

Gogo Mhloph
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A family from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb reportedly “deserted” their home to stay in the bush after getting an order from their ancestors.

Despite the plummeting temperatures that the Meteorological Services Department warned people about in the past month the family “braved” the freezing weather.

Some congregants of an Apostolic sect became worried about the family’s health after seeing them staying in the open with a toddler.

“This family has been staying in the bush for about a month. We are mostly worried about the baby because it’s very cold.

“They get water from a nearby stream and we suspect they are homeless because no one under normal circumstances can stay in the bush during this season,” said a man only identified as Prophet Abel.

A family member who identified herself as Gogo MaMhlophe said they were following a divine instruction.

“We stay in the bush following our ancestors’ instructions. When they talk to you, you just have to act and not ask why. They will protect us from thieves and the cold,” she said.

The woman revealed that they were told to stay in the bush for three months and August was their third month.

A traditionalist who is a member of Zimbabwe National Traditional Association (Zinatha) said Gogo MaMhlophe was not part of them.

“I do not know the woman and as healers, one can only move to the bush to do her duties, not to just stay there, worse with her children.

“I suspect she is telling lies and does not have a place to stay,” said the traditionalist who preferred anonymity.